Enabling loyalty through experience.

Experience meets technology meets execution.

Fueled by more than two decades of developing our own successful loyalty program and the technology to support it, we bring that experience and expertise to you.

Whether you need an updated strategy, greater mobile engagement, improved targeting capabilities, or highly personalized customer communications and offers, our technology suite can take your customer loyalty to the next level.


Excentus Strategy:

Program Strategy & Design

Successful loyalty starts with solid strategy and program design. We’re here to help you design and execute a winning strategy, from competitive analyses and financial models to roadmap development and best practices.

Program Strategy

A winning program strategy starts with analyzing your business goals and understanding what you want to accomplish with your loyalty program. We perform a thorough competitive analysis to determine what’s working in the market – and what isn’t. We use our deep experience to help you with financial modeling and defining your business requirements. Then we consult with you to define a roadmap for moving the program forward.

Program Design

Our data-driven approach to program design uses years of continuous data collection to know what works and why. We’ll offer program construct and user experience recommendations, as well as consumer research and testing. Then we’ll create your development and deployment roadmap, using best practices that only years of successful loyalty programs can provide.


Excentus Connect:

Technology Integration

There are many disparate systems across the retail landscape. Our real-time rewards accumulation and redemption engine integrates seamlessly with your current POS infrastructure. Connect and integrate all of the necessary components of a loyalty program into one powerful rewards management engine that’s been built to drive greater loyalty.


Excentus Engage:

Customer Interactions

We’re experts in consumer engagement. With hundreds of millions of annual consumer touch points across every popular channel, we help you attract, engage and retain members with targeted, 1-on-1 messaging, crafted to take customers from acquisition to evangelism.

1:1 Consumer Engagement

We use analytics and advanced business logic to determine your ideal consumer audience, then craft targeted messaging to resonate with them. We then define a channel strategy and lifecycle management to effectively deliver that message – including mobile apps, push notifications, emails, SMS messages, websites and customer care.

Creative & UI/UX Services

We provide end-to-end UX design and development for both websites and mobile apps, including journey mapping, wireframing and prototyping. Then we test it with real users, using the feedback to optimize the experience. We also provide creative design and development for both print and digital channels.


Excentus Insight:

Business Intelligence & Insight

Once you launch your loyalty program, you’ll want to check its progress and improve your results over time. Excentus Insight lets you monitor and optimize your program performance using ROI analyses, KPI metrics, predictive modeling and more.

Program Performance

With Excentus Insight, you’ll see your program’s ROI and impact analysis, as well as compare scorecard metrics against the benchmark goals you set. Insight also analyzes and reports on both macro (program) and micro (promotion and offer) performances, as well as performing regional and site-level monitoring and reporting.

Consumer Insights

Beside program performance, we analyze member behaviors and activities, so you can refine your customer segmentation and fine-tune your targeted messages. We also perform lifetime value analysis, and our predictive modeling lets you consider the potential impact of “what-if” scenarios.


Excentus Elevate:

Promotions & Offer Management

The best loyalty experiences offer consumers periodic, relevant offers. We’ll help you define, test and execute the perfect promotion, from in-store offers and coupons to targeted rewards.

Offer Strategy

Our integrated approach to negotiating and sourcing manufacturer-funded offers for your loyalty program helps you reach more customer segments and increase frequency.

Promotional Management

We do it all. From program administration to offer configuration, in-store signage and employee training, we can manage all aspects of your loyalty program so that you can focus on your business.

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Whether you want to build a program from scratch, enhance or improve your program's current performance, or introduce the unique rollback-at-the-pump reward currency that consumers across the nation love, we have a loyalty solution that’s just right for your retail business, backed by our proven loyalty expertise.

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