We help grocers stay relevant in an
ever-changing competitive landscape.

Differentiating grocers’ brands
with a powerful currency

Excentus’ roots are planted firmly in the changing grocery sector, and we have more than two decades of experience designing, testing, deploying, marketing, and measuring the impact of loyalty programs on grocery retailers’ businesses.

We understand consumer purchase patterns and the strong correlation between the weekly grocery shopping trip and fueling up the family vehicle. We’ve proven that our desired cents-per-gallon loyalty currency, our customer-centric focus and unique-to-the-industry data analysis can create loyal, returning grocer customers, cut through the operational clutter, and simplify the complexity of grocery store loyalty programs.

2 out of 3

consumers will drive 5 minutes out of their way to save on fuel

3 out of 4

members redeem rewards on fuel within 20 days, versus 35% for other loyalty programs

How we help grocers pave the way to customer loyalty

Integrating loyalty programs into the grocery setting is complicated. Many grocers face program constructs defined by numerous offers, challenges with executing at scale, multiple disparate technologies, already-thin margins and the costs associated with managing a loyalty program. Grocers struggle with how to use loyalty programs to retain customers and encourage them to spend more.

Providing customers with a simple and easy way to shop with their favorite grocery store and save on fuel has become an industry standard. Not only do consumers want it, but many expect it, and we have years of data that proves that our powerful cents-per-gallon currency offered to consumers works.

We’ve seen some big results from the brands we work with:

Source: Excentus aggregate data

Take advantage of our loyalty expertise and
full suite of industry-specific services.

Our experience and in-house expertise is what powers our own programs. Excentus’ core loyalty services can also be applied to help you design your program, connect your systems, develop a consumer engagement plan, and understand your program performance.

In addition to cents-per-gallon rewards, the key to exceeding customer expectations is by creating real-time and personalized experiences inside the store and across all consumer touch points. Achieving this requires robust systems integration, data collection, segmentation, targeting, and a strong customer profile and contact strategy. We help grocers with every aspect of this.

Excentus Strategy

Expertise to design programs that exceed business goals

Excentus Connect

A powerful loyalty engine that integrates with existing technologies

Excentus Engage

Connect with consumers to provide rewarding experiences resulting in long-term loyalty

Excentus Insight

Understand everything about your program, your customers, and the competition

Excentus Elevate

Your full-service loyalty program management team

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Specialized grocery services:

  • Grocery program and offer design

  • Financial modeling and expense analysis

  • Business process engineering

  • Third-party fuel partner acquisition and management

  • Third-party financial settlement

  • Program implementation best practices

Our grocery customers have achieved loyalty success.
You can, too.

Fueled by over two decades of creating successful substantial growth for grocers’ retail businesses, we’ve helped grocery retailers like these create winning programs in a crowded marketplace.

Start crafting loyalty solutions
for your business today.

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