Excentus retail programs give CPG brands unparalleled access to shoppers.

Unleash the power of our consumer programs to
engage shoppers and drive promotions.

Great CPG brands have a strong data-driven strategy, but there are challenges. From not being able to track and tag individuals to a transaction to a lack of direct-to-consumer communications, CPG brands struggle to move past the brick-and-mortar retailers owning the customer relationships.

We have consumer-facing programs and platforms that help CPG brands better understand exactly who their customers are. And with our unique access to sku-level data and personally identifiable consumer information, we help identify new opportunities to deliver the right CPG-branded offers and promotions to the right audiences and drive case movement of your products.

A few of our participating suppliers:

A few of our retail programs:

Thousands of retail locations nationwide.
Your brand front and center.

Leverage our direct-to-consumer communication channels through the Fuel Rewards® program and other convenience retail programs we support. Put your brand front and center with offers that change consumer behavior and accelerate product sell-in with your retail partners.

  • Gain valuable insights into shopper behaviors, needs and motivations

  • Leverage detailed sku-level data to monitor and measure the performance and success of your promotions, offers and programs

  • Segment and target customers based on their interactions, spending patterns, cross-brand purchases and other preferences

  • Personalize communications to deepen loyalty and drive specific, repeatable shopper behaviors

  • Layer on geographic data to target campaigns nationally or by region

  • Conduct competitor analysis and customer lifetime value analysis

Awareness everywhere is key.
We keep your brand top-of-mind.

Our solutions don’t stop at analytics, offer configuration, and digital offer display. We also help our retailers with in-store execution providing a complete package of both online and offline awareness which ultimately benefits your brand. Our suite of marketing support services include the design, development, and shipment of in-store print signage as well as associate training.

Putting it all together:
Influencing repeatable consumer purchase behavior


SKU-level data and PII is captured with every loyalty program transaction


Segmentation and analysis is performed


Offer strategy and targeted communications are developed


Offer is marketed inside the retail stores and through the program's digital channels


Consumer makes CPG purchase and is rewarded with the loyalty program's currency

Start crafting loyalty solutions
for your business today.

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