Loyalty isn’t earned in a day.
We’ve been perfecting it for 20 years.

Cracking the Loyalty Code

For over 20 years, we’ve carved a unique path to creating loyalty success for others by building it first for ourselves. We’ve developed our own loyalty technology and powerful currency, built a national loyalty program from the ground up and learned many valuable lessons along the way. Those experiences have revealed which rewards, promotions, and offers motivate customers, increase engagement and ultimately deepen their loyalty.

Our Firsthand Experience, Applied to Your Business

Because we run our own successful loyalty program — the Fuel Rewards® program — we understand the day-to-day operational needs of brands and retailers across multiple categories. We know firsthand which strategies attract and retain more loyal customers and drive the greatest financial success.

Our Industries

Something for Everyone: Solutions that Scale

Our suite of loyalty marketing services and technology solutions have been developed to create programs our customers need. Whether that’s updating an existing loyalty program, launching a series of promotional campaigns, improving customer engagement, or developing a new program from scratch, we can help.

Our Solutions

A peek at what we do every day:

  • Loyalty Best Practices

  • Consumer Segmentation & Targeting

  • CRM & Campaign Management

  • Web & App Development

  • UX/UI Design

  • Reporting & Analytics

  • Program & Offer Administration

  • Program Performance Analysis

  • RESTful API Integrations

  • Loyalty Tracking Engine

  • Financial ROI & Settlement

  • POS Integration

Under the hood of Excentus'

loyalty infrastructure

We’ve spent years developing a scalable, resilient, PCI-compliant loyalty platform, complete with two data centers and 24/7 monitoring. A few stats we’re proud of:

The Story

Our journey began in 1996 with the rollout of fuel control technologies that eventually led to innovative ways to offer consumers cents-per-gallon rollbacks on fuel, right at the pump. By 2002, we incorporated real-time fuel savings into point-of-sale systems across the U.S., and two years later, we began offering a fuel-based loyalty program to U.S. grocers. Continued growth, adoption and expansion into other retail categories and our investment in new technologies led to the 2012 launch of the Fuel Rewards® program with over 11 million members and a loyalty currency — the ability to save on fuel — that U.S. consumers value more than any other.

Fuel Technology

• Fuel control

• Commercial cardlock


Grocery/Gas Loyalty

• POS integration

• Price rollback at the pump


Hosted Loyalty

• Third party redemption & financial settlement

• Giant Eagle fuelperks!


Loyalty Tech Enablement

• Technology build to cloud

• fuelperks! coalition expansion


Loyalty Program Administrator

• Fuel Rewards® program launch

• Introduction of payment card-linked loyalty


Platform & Capability Expansion

• Burn expansion

• End-to-end loyalty solution

2015 and beyond

Meet the team.

Brandon Logsdon


Jeff Hassman

Chief Marketing Officer

Mike Beltz

Chief Revenue Officer

Thomas Wightman


Mike Melson

EVP, Technical Operations

Stacey Smotherman

CAO and General Counsel

Scott Schaper

EVP, Program Operations

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